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Patek Philippe




In 1976, Gérald Genta was  inspired by a porthole of diving helmet and he gave birth to a legendary model, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1.

This watch has an octogonal bazel with softened corners. It embodies a perfect mix between sport and elegance. 

In 2006, the Nautilus was reinvented and the 5712 was born.

The 5712 incorporates a power reserve indicator, a hand calendar and moon phase.

The choice of this model was decided with my friend. He dreams of this watch, and so do I now.

I started my second large size watch drawing.

I was worried about the counters which are in asymmetry on the cadran . I started with the drawing outline which I finally achieved easily.

As I work only with graphite pencil, I was worried about the black appearance as it is dark blue on the original watch.

The dial required a lot of precision and modifications, each black footprint could make me fail my drawing.

As I could already draw the steel, it was easy for me to make it look real.

I spend 158 hours on this drawing and I am very proud of it !

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