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5513 "Meters first"

The 5513 appeared in the 1960s and it replaced the 5512 and 6538 models.

The first models of the 5513 was a "Meter First", 200m=600ft. And until 1966 the dials was called "Glossy".

I worked partially on the first edition of the 5513. I realized a Rolex logo which we can find on the 5513 of 1970. And I reproduced writings non sérif.

For the strap, I did a modern choice, because I have draw a strap without rivets. 

I choosed to work on a hard black dial. It was the first time that I achieved such a dark dial.

Indeed, I used hard pencils to realize the background. It allowed me to show his dark look and his light play.

I did the same to express the glossy side of the insert which is placed on the bazel.

The work of the bazel's notchs was very long. It required patience and meticulousness.

Once the case was finished, I started the last step : the drawing of the crown and the strap. This is my favorite moment because I "give life" to the watch. 

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