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6263 "Big Red" Silver

The 6263 appeared in the 70s with the 6265 and replaced the 6240 by an evolution of the screwed pushers.

The Rolex Daytona takes its name from the famous circuit in Florida where the best drivers compete for first place in frantic races. On their wrists of course: the Daytona.

Certainly the most iconic chronograph of all time, the Rolex Daytona, king of all records, is the watch most sought after by amateurs and collectors.


I worked on a specific version of the 6263: the Big Red.


I chose to work on a very clear dial , so I used very fine tools to create this background.

I made the tachometer bezel with greasy tools to give it its very black effect, characteristic of the 6263.


The work of the chronograph railroad notches was a daunting task. It required a lot of patience and precision.

Once the box was finished, I got down to the last part: the lower part of the bracelet and the coloring of the Daytona.

The realization of this Big Red is the first touch of color that I add to my drawings.


The Daytona finalized, that's it this watch comes to life!


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